Quince Marmalade – a perfect Christmas pairing with cheese

Quince Marmalade – a perfect Christmas pairing with cheese
Posted 19 December 2015 by Tim Barber

Firstly here is your fact of the day! Historically marmalade was made with quinces and the English word marmalade comes from the Portuguese word “marmelada” meaning quince preparation – but these days marmalade is more associated with oranges.

Quince marmalade (or Membrillo as it is sometimes known) comes in a more solid form than traditional marmalades. It is easily made by cooking up quinces with sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest , where eventually it becomes firm enough, so that when it cools it holds its shape. It has a sweet but astringent taste making it an ideal partner for cheese.

In Spain it is popular to serve quince marmalade with Manchego – but here at The Cheeseboard Magazine we find it goes down particularly well with Brie.

Why not give it a try – it’s a particular Christmas favourite in Provence.

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