Christmas Cheese Trees

Christmas Cheese Trees
Posted 19 December 2015 by Tim Barber

A great idea from around my family table why not put a festive slant on your Christmas Cheeseboard by arranging your platter into the shape of a Christmas tree.

It doesn’t really matter what cheeses you use of the accompaniments – just use your imagination and a bit of creativity to create a showpiece which kids and adults will love.

Some top tips from The Cheeseboard Magazine…

  • Always good to layer the cheeses with some greenery – herbs or salad are good options
  • Use cherry or plum tomatoes as baubles  - don’t stick to just red, throw in some yellow tomatoes too!
  • Mix your cheeses up, a wedge of French cheese makes a good top
  • Use 4 or 5 cheeses and try and choose those with a range of colours

Good luck –just let that artistic side out, it won’t taste any better but it will certainly wow your guests!

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