Celebrate Burn’s night with a great Scottish cheeseboard

Celebrate Burn’s night with a great Scottish cheeseboard
Posted 24 January 2016 by Tim Barber

So after the Haggis is finished and you have had you’re fill of fine malt, what better way to end the night than with a Scottish themed cheeseboard to help celebrate Burn’s Night.

Tim Barber has put together a few ideas you could include to make a well balanced Cheeseboard using only cheeses produced in Bonnie Scotland…

A Black Crowdie

A lovely popular soft cheese produced in the Highlands. The Black Crowdie is made with full fat milk and gets its name by being rolled in oats and black peppercorns to give it a distinctive black/brown coating. The peppercorns also provide a spicy little kick!

Isle of Mull Cheddar

A cheddar with a difference! It doesn’t look or taste like any normal cheddar. It has a pale ivory colour and flavourwise has a very sharp fruity tang which makes it ideal to eat whilst drinking a nice Islay malt. The distinctive taste is gained from the unusual diet of the cows who eat the fermented grain from he nearby Tobermory whisky distillery!

Dunsyre Blue

This mould ripened, handmade cheese comes from Lanarkshire. Once mature it develops realy complex flavours – slightly rich, a little salty with a touch of sweetness, whilst also being sharp and spicy. Each flavor has a character of its own which leaves behind a really memorable, strikingly long aftertaste.

Morangie Brie

A fine Scottish brie produced by Ruaridh Stone. This soft textured cheese version of the French classic is as you would expect really smooth and creamy. The mould ripened brie is made from Cows Milk and was 2009 gold medal winner of Best Scottish cheese nad Best British brie at the 2009 British cheese awards.


A hand made cheese  - made to a traditional recipe by Jane Stewart which uses un pasteurized milk  from her husbands herd of Holstein Freisian cows.  Anster is allowed to mature naturally to develp a thin,grey rind – which in turn adds to the flavor.The cheese is fresh and dry with an almost crumbly texture. The texture helps the cheese dissolve in the mouth to leave a full flavoured finish.


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